Sheridan Wyoming Fence Contractor Installing Snake Proofing Fence

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Bockman Group Fencing Company Can Install Rattlesnake Fence.



As a parent myself, one of my worst fears is something happening to one of my kids and that includes being bitten by a rattlesnake! My kids are always playing outside and during this time of year it is continually in the back of my mind that there could be a rattlesnake in the yard. I have heard from other people that they have had encounters with rattlesnakes in their own back yards and as a fencing company I couldn’t help but wonder what we could be doing to find a solution. I market my company that fencing gives the home and property owner not only a sense of security but also actual security! Your fence is in place to look appealing, add value and serve as a bulwark to your home and family. I felt it was my responsibility as a competent, prudent fencing company owner to find the solutions to invasive rattlesnakes in someones yard.

I started my research in high population areas that would have the potential for rattlesnakes. Las Angeles California or LA! The home of high populations and dense populations of western rattlesnake. My thinking was that rich movie stars would buy large estate homes in the hills of LA and surly they would want their vast properties completely rattlesnake proofed! How could this be done? So I sent a cold email to a large and popular fencing company in southern LA and just asked them what they did to build snake barriers around the homes of their customers. I actually sent out quite a few emails to several companies but only a few responded.

I have been conversing regularly with a few of these companies about their design and Bockman Group Fencing Company has adopted one of the designs to barrier out snakes from yards. August and Sept are the months to be the most concerned about rattlesnakes  If you are concerned about rattlesnakes taking residence in your yard or property, contact us and we would be happy to come look at you property and come up with a design.

~Dan Bockman

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