Bockman Group Fencing Co Finishes SC Agri-Park Project With Diverse Business Model

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We just finished up our Sheridan College Agri-Park fencing project. What an outstanding project and Bockman Group Fencing employees did an exceptional job developing this project! This project entailed five strand barbed wire around the property perimeter of the new roping and rodeo arena in the Wrench Ranch Subdivision.

This is the first time Bockman Group Fencing Co has worked with Sheridan College and I can say with a lot of confidence, we have developed a long term relationship with NEWCC. What a great experience working with the project planners, grounds folks, neighboring property owners and the college rodeo students that put up with all of our activity. I would like to apologize to the rodeo horses for all the noise our hydraulic hammer post pounding was making while we were up there. That hydraulic hammer is so loud and we could tell those horses didn’t like it but we tried to get out of the horse area as quick as we could!

The challenges we were faced with were typical: (rocks, mud, logistics, livestock, utilities, change orders and downtime) but as usual, our professionalism endured the project to create value for both Sheridan College and Bockman Group Fencing Co. I ran into the grounds director for the facility yesterday downtown and I heard the words I love to hear- “Dan, your guys did an outstanding job on that new fence”!

Like any new construction, we were not familiar with the facilities and infrastructure and the design of the project was continually changing even while we were working. But it was not a problem. We’re used to it and can adapt for the changes quite easily. If you remember, I blogged a few days ago about the importance of locating underground utilities before you dig and this project was no different. Locates were paramount to ensure safety of our work crews and the integrity of the facility. A very funny thing happened to me in the beginning of the project as we were getting the utilities located. It was something that might have identified my age and the kinds of people I have been associating with for the last 10 years. I am use to working around people like me that have worked in construction and doing business. I have not been around freshman rodeo kids in those last 10 years! While we were getting our locates, the locater was trying to find the fiber optic line in the area but the facility was so new, the OneCall people for the state of WY knew nothing of the utilities, let-alone if there were a fiber optic line going to the arena. But I’m a businessman therefore I’m the world’s best problem solver so I did what I always do and I started to gather information about the arena. And who better would know things about this arena that the ones that use it- College Rodeo Kids!!!

I looked over at the building and I saw a girl that looked like she was doing horse choirs and I thought I would ask her if she knew if there was a fiber optic line going to the building but… I had to stop myself and think about how I was going to word the question. I am not saying that I thought the girl wasn’t smart enough to know and I am not a know-it-all but I thought if I worded the question correctly, I would get a more accurate answer from her. I could have just walked up to her and said,

“Hey, excuse me miss, do you know if there is fiber optic line running to this facility”?

And I’m sure her answer would have been,

“How the hell should I know”… (As she muttered “weirdo Creeper” under her breath and walked away).

Instead I thought I would try and ask the question in a little more generationally specific way to get the answer I needed and so I said, –

“Hello, excuse me miss, Do you know if there is internet service or Wi-Fi up here”?

The girl looked at me, pull her iPhone out of her back pocket, looked at it and said,

“Yeah, I got 4G LTE right here”!

I guess that’s the answer I deserve by trying to play it cool! That was in fact an accurate answer and she was right but what we were looking for was information on a type of service to the building. I chuckled to myself and told her thank you. We later discovered that the fiber optic ran with the power to the building and we were safe to dig but I did learn something during that project. Not everyone speaks the same language when it comes to working together on a project. There are a diverse culture of ideas and inputs on all aspects of everything we do and the company that can be the most informed and the most diverse will come out ahead in the end.

As the company owner, I have to recognize the fact that I am in the leadership role and I have to bring everything together when it comes to, age, generations, gender, race, creed, demographic and background of the people we work with and around. I am continually looking for better ways to streamline our work load to give the best to our company and our valued customer. Bockman Group Fencing Co is the best in the business at this (and the best at building fence). It’s part of our – Living and working in our core business values program-. No two customers are going to be the same and it’s our adaptability to the diverse customer base and the ever-changing business climate that makes Bockman Group Fencing Company the best there is!

~Dan Bockman



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