Bockman Group Ponderosa Fence

Bockman Group Fencing Builds Ponderosa Fence


Ponderosa Fence is a new product out by Priefert this year. And of course since its a new product, we at Bockman Group Fencing had to see what it was all about!

Ponderosa Fence is a new and better take on the traditional continuous fence. The 6’x 8″ post are pre-drill and doomed and then pressure treated. This allows the treating process to access through the pre-drilled holes and through the post.


The beauty of this fence, if you are thinking about a continuous fence, is that it is going to leave traditional steel panel continuous fence in the dust! The 16 ga. 1 7/8″ x 14′ powder coated steel railing flows extremely nicely through hills and dips and will radius turn up to a 100′ radius without special parts or end pieces. The rail pipe swedges together for a nice, smooth continuous look and the end pieces finish at the corners and ends clean unlike traditional continuous fence!

The best part is that its the same price from Bockman Group as normal continuous fence! At that point, the choice is clear! Pondersoa Fence is beautiful and adds unbelievable aesthetics to any home or ranch property.

ponda 1 ponda 3ponda 2

Once again, the fence is incredibly strong by design and the attractiveness of Ponderosa Fence will make the decisions between traditional continuous fence and Ponderosa very easy. Our company is the premium level fence contractor for Ponderosa Fence. We have perfected the installation process and we can put it up much quicker than traditional continuous fence. All the post on a Ponderosa fence get concreted in the ground for a sturdy, long lasting finish.

The Ponderosa Gates come in 4′- 16′ and are designed to match the rail pattern of the fence for a smooth, clean continuous look! The rails come in 6 different colors and will compliant anyone’s taste and style!

Talk to me, Dan Bockman about a Ponderosa Fence. 307-751-6714 or

You property and animals deserve a fence like this!!!

Sheridan fencing company working with other area businesses

Business to Business

Bockman Group Fencing Company has worked with and for many Sheridan County businesses this year and we would like to take some time to recognize and plug some really great business owners who have give Bockman Group their business. It’s a core value of our company to spread success everywhere we work and we want nothing more that to see these companies succeed and prosper.

Each week we will recognize a featured business owner Bockman Group Fencing Company has done business with. We want to use our contacts and circle of friends to provide information about a great business.

Big Horn Livestock Services

Big Horn Wyoming.

Big Horn Livestock services

This week we recognize Kevin and Tracy  McClurg with Big Horn Livestock services in Big Horn Wyoming. Bockman Group Fencing Company did a big continuous fence project for the McClurgs at their home in Big Horn. Kevin is extremely knowledgeable and noticeably professional about his business! Kevin deals with many people in the agricultural industry. Big Horn Livestock handles livestock supplement, High Hog™ cattle corral systems, and much more! Contact Kevin for more information about what Big Horn Livestock Services can do for your operation. We were not able to find a website for BHLS but we have provided the contact information at the end of this article.

Kevin and Tracy McClurg

Big Horn Livestock Services Inc.


307-751-1828  Cell