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We said in last weeks post we would be featuring weekly, a business that Bockman Group Fencing Company has been doing business with. This week we are featuring on our blog a business that is no stranger to the area and if you’ve been in Sheridan for just a few years or many years you will know the name!

Bockman Group Fencing Company Featured Business:

Landon’s Greenhouse¬†landons 1

Landon's Greenhouse homepage
Landon’s Greenhouse information page

Like I said, you’ve probably know the name! Bockman Group Fencing Company is currently working and building new fence at the first location of Landon’s Green house in Big Horn. Phil Gilmore of Landon’s hired Bockman Group Fencing Company to build a new fence on the county road side of the property that will look just like the one you see at Landon’s Greenhouse at 505 College Meadow Dr. Sheridan WY.


It looks like a large electric fence but in fact it is not electrified. Mr Gilmore said this style of fence is great for keeping out wildlife and livestock because of the nature of the design. More high tensile wires at a certain tension keeps deer out yet is very easy for a person to push down on the tension wires and crawl through!

Landon’s Green house is the areas foremost authority when it comes to your landscaping needs. They understand the areas environment, climate and the growing zone for Sheridan County. If you are thinking about new landscaping for your home or property, need some flower baskets or professional advice, contact the pros at Landon’s.


Phil Gilmore it your man for all your landscape consulting needs. Contact Phil or any of the other professionals at Landon’s at: (Their website is full of how-to and did-you-knows and tons of information about landscaping and gardening)

Landon’s Facebook Page

Sheridan Store 307-672-8340

Gillette Store 307-683-7652

Open 8-6 daily at both locations!

Spreading success is a core business value at Bockman Group Fencing Company. We love working with other business owners and seeing their businesses thrive and that is just one of the reasons we like to plug great companies like Landon’s Greenhouse on our blog!

~Dan Bockman