What Do You Want From Your Contractor???







What would you want from a contractor? I’m talking about any kind of contractor, plumbing, electrical, construction, landscaping and most importantly “fencing” contractor. Seriously, I’m asking. Who better to ask than the customers and the general public this kind of question? Bockman Group Fencing Co is a fencing contractor in Northeastern WY and we are always looking for ways to improve our service and our company so I am asking, what would you like to see from your contractor?

Now I’m sure I will get the all the answers that are obvious – Fair pricing, good service, quality work, warranty, communication etc… but like I said, those are the obvious ones. What do you the consumer look for that will separate one company from all the rest? This is a question I ask myself every morning when I get up a 3:00am every day. The reason? I am trying to separate myself from the herd. Here’s a complaint we hear all the time,

“My contractor won’t call me back” or “I called them for a bid and left a message but they haven’t called back”

A lot of our business has come from being available or ‘we can get there sooner’ so we get the work. But I love it when we hear the words, “you’re the only one that has called me back”, even if we don’t get the work, I love those words! The way we see it- Always, always, always, always… CALL BACK!!! If someone wants to give you money for your products or services— Call! Them!  Back!!!

What about a company that is doing things a lot different? A company that not only understands and is a master of their craft and their business but a company that is always looking ahead. A company that is traditionally ‘old fashion’ in the ways of business but this one company has separated themselves and is always business-forward. Would that company be appealing to you? The reason I’m asking is because business is moving at the light-speed of technology and only the contractors that are keeping up, are going to be able to compete in the future.

Bockman Group Fencing Co is the contractor that will never fall behind. There might be things out there we don’t have a grasp on yet but rest assured, it won’t take long for us to learn and we will catchup! Let us know what you want from your contractor. We love new ideas and we love to learn!

~Dan Bockman