Best fencing company there is

Bockman Group Fencing Co is changing how business is done!


Put simply, Bockman Group Fencing Co is the best fencing company in northern Wyoming! How do I know this…? My name is Dan Bockman and I am the owner of this fabulous company!

I heard a great story about  Lou Holtz, the winning-est college football coach there is. I’m not a big college football fan but I love stories about great leaders. Lou was offered a job with the University of Minnesota as head football coach. He was leaving the warm weather of Arkansas to move to the cold frigid weather of Minnesota. Lou accepted the position as head football coach under these conditions; that he would only accept the position if everyone from including his coaching staff, the ticket sellers, popcorn sellers, the janitorial staff, grounds keepers, maintenance workers, parking attendants, down to the lowest waged laborer working at the stadium, were 100% committed to excellence! He demanded nothing less that excellence in every aspect of Minnesota football and with that he turned around one of the losing-est football programs in the nation, to be a winning program.

What is interesting to me is he did it without bringing in new players to the team. Everyone was the same people, coaches and players!

This just proves one point that Harvey Mackay says,-

“if you want to be happy for a year, grow grain – if you want to be happy for 10 years, grow trees – if you want to be happy for a lifetime, grow people!


This is what I feel we are doing at Bockman Group Fencing Co. You might just see us as a small local fencing company but let me enlighten you about our business way of thinking- We think big! We think global, We think innovation, imagination, out of the box, nontraditional, and our thinking is without limitations. I always tell our customers that, “Your imagination is our only limitation”  We grow our people and our employees believe in what we stand for and our core values system. Its one thing to instill a company mission statement and a values program but its another thing to get your people to believe in it as well and practice their craft under under it.

Our work is an extension of what we are passionate about and in saying that, we are the most modern and business-forward company in the fencing business! What this means is we are fully versed in a whole host of modern technologies, media platforms and in our web presence. Bockman Group Fencing is leading the way when it comes to traditional businesses moving forward into the technological present and future.

I have been asked by soon to be entrepreneurs,- what would be my one piece of business advice. This question is very easy to answer for me, I always say; “always, always keep up with modern technology” 


How are we different than other fencing companies? Simple… We deliver more value than we promise! We say things like “we’ll take care of it” and “don’t worry, we will work with you”. We meet with our customers when it’s convenient for them including the weekend and we don’t mind doing little extras that helps the customer out. One time I personally unloaded a semi truck full of material for a customer on a Saturday so we could start their project on Monday! Delivering more value than promised is one of our company core values that we will never compromise for any reason.





Aluminum picket and rail fence by Bockman Group

Bockman Group Fencing Aluminum Picket and Rail


Aluminum picket and rail fence is old world beauty and modern functionality all in one. With a wide variate of styles and colors available through a whole host of suppliers that we have direct buy access to, your property can have the exactly what you are looking for!

Bockman Group Fencing Co prides itself in that we install this type of fence with a full concrete post set to your specification (some customers like concrete to the ground level to keep grass and weeds from growing around the post and others like the concrete below ground level, your choice). We profile you property to ensure perfect fit and rack-ability of the fence and help you design gate placement.

Aluminum picket and rail will never rust or corrode and has a beautiful powder coat finish.

ultra-fence-12 ultra-fence-9_sm ultra-fence-8 ultra-fence-4_sm ultra-fence-3

Aluminum picket and rail provides security, property definition and property ownership expression all while looking outstanding. Your pets at any size will be protected and secure with the PuppyPanel design.


Talk to me Dan Bockman about an aluminum picket and rail fence at 307-751-6714 or email me at

Wood Fence Project

Bockman Group Fencing Company Featured Project


Our featured project this week is a 3 rail split pole wood fence Bockman Group built on Smith Creek Road. This has been one of our favorite projects this year not only because of the quality of the fence and how beautiful it is but the ranch itself was gorgeous and allowed for some amazing picture taking opportunities!

As you can see in the picture above, the 3 rail split pole fence frames the yard beautifully and creates definition between yard area and pasture area.

007 008 005

Each of the post have been perfectly truncated at a 23° slope to the outside of the fence. This gives the fence an attractive finish and looks like the contractor has attention for details.


As you enter the ranch, you will see the yard was not the only thing we worked on. When you drive into the ranch you get the feel of a well maintained property and a property owner that know quality when you see the 3 rail split pole along the driveway.

This project also involved a new garden fence.

168 166 011

The garden was a 6′ tall no-climb woven wire fence with a 3″ X 16′ top rail. The deer are going to be very frustrated with this fence but the owner couldn’t be more happy with the result!

Bockman Group Fencing Company is very proud of the Smith Creek Road project and we love not only creating beauty and value but we also love creating utility with what we build.

~Dan Bockman