Sheridan Wyoming Fencing company can now install Lace Fence™!!!

Bockman Group Fencing Company is a now a Lace Fence installer!!!

You’ve probably seen it on Pinterest or Instagram…, you know that fancy decorative chain link with all the cool designs!lace fence 1   lace fence 2 lace fence 4

Well, we decided that we are a modern, business-forward fencing company and there should be no aspect of the fencing business we are not in, so… we reached out to Lace Fence™ and are now Wyoming’s first and only Lace Fence dealer and installer!!! Yes, we can now do this here in Wyoming! Lace Fence is now one of our valued material suppliers and we’ve never been more excited.

lace 8 lace 6 lace 4

Chain link is now cool and decorative and the best part- the only limit is your imagination! That’s right, Lace Fence is completely customized to what you want . What does that mean? If you have a design, idea in your head, or a picture of what you want, Lace Fence can render your idea or picture with their design software and custom manufacture the fencing fabric. This could be literally anything! Lace Fence prides themselves on customization. They do have a few standard stock patterns you can choose from but like anything decorative, its easier to just do what the customer wants.

lace fence 3 lace fence 5lace fence 6

The other completely awesome thing is the folks at Lace Fence are calked full of great ideas to help you with not only your fence design but a multitude of other uses of their product. As you can see from the pictures below, chain link and welded wire mesh are being used in interior  architecture as well.

lace 3 lace 2 lace 1


So how do you get started with Lace Fence at your home or property or if you want some more information? Contact us here at Bockman Group Fencing Company and we will get your imagination transformed into reality.

~Dan Bockman

Chain Link Fence colors

Bockman group fencing Company is so excited for opportunities to install awesome colors of chain link fence in a variety of sizes in the Sheridan County Wyoming area! Tired of looking at the traditional electroplated galvanized industrial looking (or silver looking) chain link? Why not add some beautiful earthy color to your property? Fencing is not only property definition but also (and just as important) property expression.



Black is bold, strong and works with any landscape. Black says I,m here and this is “MY” property that I have work very hard for! Your neighbors know that you are the type that gets what you want and that you can be a reliable and strong asset to the neighborhood.


green Chain link

Green is an expression of being friendly. You are the neighbor that cares about people, the environment and utility at the same time.


Tan Chain link

Tan is warm and inviting. You are the kind of person that likes to invite people over for dinner and drinks and entertain guests



White is fun, white is exciting! White says you like the effectiveness of chain link but I want to turn your head!

If you’re thinking about chain link this year or in the future, be sure to give some thought to colored material. The product is factor vinyl color coated with an extremely good bond that can withstand any weather and temperature! The fence can be easily repaired if scratched. Bockman Group Fencing Company can get these materials locally.

~Dan Bockman