Black Cedar Fence

Black Cedar Fence.

Bockman Group Fence Adds Black Cedar To Product Lineup!

We are so excited to announce that we are adding “Black Cedar” to our 2017 product line of fencing.

As you well know, we at Bockman Group Fence are always looking for cool new ideas to work into our fences and this year Black Cedar is our pet project!. We are on a continuous mission to find the greatest and latest fence products and new and modern ideas out there in fencing and this one really caught our attention.  So, what is black cedar, you may be wondering?

Black Cedar is actually regular cedar wood but we use a special procedure to treat the wood called “Shou Sugi Ban.” Shou Sugi Ban is an ancient Japanese method of preserving wood. Its a method of burning the wood and scrubbing it to get the deep baked natural preservation of the wood and when its done, it turns out just beautiful!

There are so many benefits to black cedar that you are just going to love!

  • It is the best known wood preservative there is and it is thought that Shou Sugi Ban wood will last up to 80- 100 years
  • The colors are gorgeous and can be done in many different shades of black from full black cedar to lightly highlighted black
  • The preservative method is 100% chemical treatment free and completely all natural. If treating chemicals are a concern to you, you will love the Shou Sugi Ban method
  • You never have to worry about staining, painting or treating you fence ever again.

You don’t need to worry about getting charcoal on your hands and close because the method of Shou Sugi Ban cleans all the excess coals off the wood and leaves only the black color that is baked into the wood. You can touch this fence and not get your hands black!

Let us know what you think! A black cedar fence installed by Bockman Group Fence will more than likely out live you. When installed on Steel PostMasters, this fence is a truly maintenance free fence.

Cedar Fences in Sheridan Wyoming needs to be done by professional installers


It doesn’t seem like there should be all that much to installing your own cedar fence. Its just setting the post, frame it and start screwing on the pickets right?  Or maybe hiring the local cheaper handyman to install your fence would be the most cost effective way but there is a lot more to it than one might think or even a handyman might think! The reason I know? Bockman Group Fencing Company does this work professionally and we do it the right way. We continually bid projects that require removal of the old fence that might only be 3-5 years old! Talk about a money losing project. One of the things we see a lot of  is the post are only concreted in on the top 1/4 of the post hole. We call this a pancake. The picture above is the result of a pancake post set. The wind eventually wins this battle. Another thing we see a lot of of top twist. This is where the top of the pickets start to twist and split because of the way it was framed. We have a method to totally prevent this but I can’t tell you how because it’s a trade secret!

The point is Bockman Group Fencing company knows exactly how to install your new cedar fence and we know how to make it last the full lifetime of the materials. Saving money on cheap materials or the handyman could in the end cost you much more than you can even imagine. We just did a bid for a lady and she is so scared of getting sued by her HOA she doesn’t know what to do. A lawsuit filed by and HOA because a fence was installed incorrectly will result in the fines and getting the fence up to code. This is a extremely expensive double hit that could have been prevented by spending a little more and getting it done right the first time.

If your ready for a new cedar, cedar privacy or cedar shadow box, contact Bockman Group Fencing Company at 307-751-6714  and save some real money!

~Dan Bockman