Bockman Group Fencing Company Weekly Featured Project

Bockman Group Fencing Company completes pole rail fence at The Ranches At Soldier Creek

This weeks featured project was a small and simple project out on The Ranches At Soldier Creek. This beautiful Home was in need of some framework and definition.


The material used on the project was 5″X 7′ treated post and 3.5″X 16′ treated corral poles. The post are on 8′ centers and the project measures out on factors of 8′ and 16′ to be able to terminate the end of the fence nicely. The Gate post are 8″X 10′ treated post with 4′ in the ground and 6′ out of the ground. The homeowner did not want gates at this time but thought he would like the option in the future.

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This is a great post and pole fence that sets off the yard definition for this home. This fence will add atheistic curb appeal to the home for many years and add resale value. This type of fence is also extremely sturdy by design and will withstand wildlife and livestock pressure.

If post and rail style fence is something you would be interested in, let us know. It might be more affordable than you think!

~Dan Bockman

Sheridan Wyoming Fencing Company and Planning Your New Fence!

Bockman Group Fencing Company, “How to plan your new fence”


Have you ever heard the saying “the devil is in the details”, well, if not, I made it up! But planning is everything and without it money is lost. If you’re thinking about have a new fence built in the city limits of Sheridan Wyoming you will want to review all the regulation Sheridan has for fencing. Bockman Group Fencing Company is here to help you with this. We have attached a link to our main home page that takes you right to the the Planning FAQ about fencing in Sheridan. We have also attached it to this post.

Click the City of Sheridan WY logo image below to see all fence regulations



~Dan Bockman


Bockman Group Fencing Company Meets Gun Website Editor

Bockman Group Fencing Company Does Bid For a Man Doing Exceptional Work!

A few weeks ago I got a call from a gentleman looking to get some fence built in Story Wyoming. I scheduled a time to come look at his project and my son and I when to Story to meet with our new prospective customer. When we arrived at his residence I noticed what looked like a memorial site or a type of cemetery by the edge of the driveway. Remembering that when I talked to this customer he had mentioned that he want to fence off a burial area where he had buried and memorialized 5 horses. It has always been my experiences that you just never know what type of project you will encounter when you go visit and meet your new customers and that is what makes my job so exciting as a fencing contractor!

Another exciting fact about my job as owner is you just never know the type of people you are going to meet on these on-site bid meeting. Most people are very normal but in this case, my new potential customer would be what I would consider, exceptional. The man’s name was Bob Rogers. Bob pointed out the project and just as I though, the project was his horse cemetery. My son and I measured off the footage of the area to be fenced but as we were doing so I realized that we need to be doing our work with a sense of respect for the burial area. Where most people would just take dead horses to the landfill or hire someone to bury them on the back 40, Bob created a memorial for some horses that obviously meant a lot to him and he was asking us to help him to protect and define the area with a new fence. But that wasn’t the only exceptional part about Bob.


After completing the measurements and recording the information in my bid book, we walked over and told Bob that we would work up a cost estimate and send it to him. I asked for his contact information, Bob pulled out his business card and handed it to me. What followed was something I had not expected. Looking at his card I saw that it said GunPro Plus. This was the name of a website that Bob was the owner and editor of. My son and I being gun and hunting enthusiast ourselves, I just had to ask Bob about the website. Bob went into a long pitch about GunPro Plus just like any businessman would do. And just like me, Bob loves to unapologetically talk about his organization and website.

It has always been my policy as Bockman Group Fencing Co business blog Editor and Chief to only blog about businesses that do business with our company. Bockman Group Fencing Company did not win the fencing bid for Bob’s horse memorial but as you can see, I decided to blog about Bob’s organization anyway. After meeting Bob I knew that the work he is doing on his website was well worth noting and sharing with our following. is the all-in-one headquarters for the firearms enthusiast. Whether you are a hunter, military, law enforcement, sport shooter or just someone who loves your second amendment  rights, GunProPlus. com should be on your favorites drop down (as it is mine). Bob has daily updates on all things shooting and firearms and keeps the content current. You will find a treasure-trove of information about:

  • New products on the market
  • Ammunition
  • Shooting industry insider
  • The latest news in gun control topics
  • Gun related politics
  • Great videos on gun stuff!
  • A “Breaking News” crawl at the top of the page (this is very cool)
  • Bob’s “HedSpace” editorial
  • A rich advertisement column
  • GunProPlus Store (chalked full of awesome gear for the gun lover!)

And probably the coolest part of the whole thing is the gun giveaway!!!

Click image for details on giveaway or to enter click image to see details

Bob and GunProPlus are giving away some incredible stuff! New guns, ammunition, pistol kits, and a tactical light. Click the image above to view details and how to get entered in the giveaway. The contest ends Sept 30, 2015 so don’t wait!

You can also connect and follow GunProPlus through: (icons linked to GunProPlus social feeds)

facebook google-plus-logoyoutube_logo_detail pinterstTwitterBird

Even though Bockman Group Fencing is not doing business with Bob Rogers (yet!), I felt it was important to recognize someone who is doing some amazing work! When you visit GunProPlus you will see the passion Bob puts into his work and if you have ever ran and developed your own website, you will have an appreciation for the content on Gun Pro Plus.

Bockman Group Fencing Company continues the quest and reaffirms one of our core company values to- “spread success everywhere we go”. This is why I blog about great businesses and organizations that we encounter every week. We wish Bob Rogers and GunProPlus good luck in the future and keep up the amazing work you are doing!

~Dan Bockman