Fencing contractor in Sheridan Wyoming Prepares For Fall Projects

Bockman Group Fencing Company says: “fall is a great time for fencing”


As summer is starting to ramp down and the hint of fall will soon be coming, the fencing industry is still working strong. There are a lot of great months left in the year to get fence work done or start a whole new fencing project! Some of the best times in Wyoming to work outside are during the months of Sept, Oct, Nov and even parts of December depending on the year. So I guess you could say there is almost another season left of work weather. Fencing is a seasonal profession but good companies know how to get every minute out of the year.

Fall would be a great time to get your project going, finished or started. The weather is cooling down and the crews are much more productive. Fall is our favorite time of year to work on projects. If you have a project you’ve been thinking about starting this year and you think it might be too late, think again. Bockman Group Fencing is never limited in the amount of work we are willing to take on. Contact us to take a look at your project and we can still get it on our 2015 schedule.





~Dan Bockman


Sheridan Wyoming Fence Contractor Repairing Elk/Buffalo Fence Kendrick Park

Sheridan Wyoming Fencing Company Bockman Group Fencing Company replacing elk fence

This weeks featured project is the Kendrick Park elk pasture repair. Our company had to get a little out of our comfort zone on this project! A small section on the east side of the pasture was starting to fail as a result of the terrain the existing fence was on. This section of fence is located on a very steep side of a hill overlooking the Kendrick Swimming pool.  The City of Sheridan hired Bockman Group Fencing Company to establish a new fence line and build a new section of the fence. The old fence was experiencing weight stress and with the combination of erosion, design and age, the fence would have eventually failed completely! Bockman Group Fencing Company and the City of Sheridan came up with a new design with a mid-line terminal brace. The mid-line terminal brace and the top and bottom terminal braces will help with the gravitational stress load helping to ensure the best strength possible.

Bockman Group Fencing Company had to use a non-tradition piece of equipment to auger the post holes, carry the heavy post and transport concrete to each post hole. The video at the top of this article shows a little bit about how we were able to use an excavator vs. a skid steer to do this work.

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By looking at some of these pictures you can see just how steep the terrain we were working on was. The excavator and fencing attachments made for easy work on this steep hill. The excavator is much more stable and maneuverable on these kinds of slopes and offered a higher level of safety for our employees.



Bockman Group Fencing Company is always looking for these kinds of challenges in our work. We love that we are spreading value to each of our customers and that our work is the best there is in the business! Kendrick Park Elk Pasture has a new section of fence that is not only effective but is safe to the wildlife within the fence and at the same time keeping them safe!

~Dan Bockman

Sheridan Wyoming Fence Installation Company New Ad

Sheridan Fence Installation Company, Bockman Group Fencing Has a New Ad!

Coming into the start of late summer and soon to come, early fall, Bockman Group Fencing Company will be circulating a new ad campaign. Along with the many other ad and marketing campaign that Bockman Group Fencing has, we have decided to look at a faithful traditional method of advertising. Be looking for this ad in the business section of the Country Bounty:

Bockman Group bounty ad

Our company understands that not everyone uses online resources to find contractors and businesses and that there are some that like the traditional method of print. This is where Bockman Group Fencing Company uses advertising diversity to connect with all the great customers in our area!

~Dan Bockman